Allsafe Cybersecurity

Allsafe is a medium of exchange designed around securely exchanging information which is a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Within Allsafe2 systems the safety, integrity and balance of all ledgers is maintained by a community, handling cryptocurrency transactions for a small fee. Allsafe2 seek to add more security. This is our main goal. We will try to add allsafe to casinos and online stores. We welcome you all to participate in this project. This coin will be for trading as well as in the use of a game. We are open to your ideas for this coin.


ASAFE2 Scrypt Full PoS

Total premine coin: 8030000
Coins that will be sent to 6029732,74928
rest coins for dev and bounty (wallet mac, android etc)
Stake: 15%/year
Min: 3 hours
Max: unlimited
Max money: 15000000