AllSafe2™ is a coin centred around Security through means of trade/exchange.


Fresh from the oven....  Grin


A bit of History:

Initially the coin was AllSafe but the dev disappeared and was revamped as AllSafe2™ in July of 2016. At this time
we had hopes of rallying together a team to bring our blockchain into the real world.
However lack of interest in crypto at the time, lack of funding, inefficient block times, slow hash rates etc, the project stalled.
In the last few weeks the Dev has worked very hard to relaunch a new blockchain, new website, blockchain, explorer.

****Thank you Listent we are very grateful for your efforts!***


Our new blockchain enables:

- Quicker transaction times
- Faster hash rate
- Faster confirmations
- Lower processing fees

***Bounty & Masternode Incentives Coming Soon***

These changes we hope will encourage mining,
creating ultimately a larger pool of investors,
more investors creates a faster, stronger, more secure network
driving us towards a commercially viable product within the security sector.


AllSafe2™ Use Case: CYBER SECURITY

Current Problem: Online Businesses & Organisations current suffer from slow, ineffective susceptible online transactions,
in avenues like casions & online stores. Identity verification only slows the process down futher.

Customers: Card/Bank transactions are slow/high commission, no one wants to foot CEO's hotel bills and all that side action.
Producers: Faster/Reliable service means satisfied customers, loyal customers, profitable and successful businesses.

Our Solution: Faster, more efficient revamped security, retained anonymity, through AllSafe2™ we hope
 to pioneer Blockchain technology into these commercial avenues.

Consumer -  greatly reduced commission rates no middleman shit.
Producer - security, safety, no stolen products or hacked shit.
Investors -  MN, bounty campaigns, dividends on the emerging product.

Let's be honest, security has a big future in blockchain, huge.
Realising the product into a still very young/growing cryptocurrency economy presents a blatantly significant financial opportunity.
We endeavour to make the most of it and hope you choose to join us while the day is young! 


****Bounties Available for SITE TRANSLATIONS and MAC/ANDROID WALLETS****



Please Note:

AllSafe2™ is a small developing team and reaching out for anyone interested in joining our vision!
Further ideas for real life application very welcome!

Software experience
Engineer experience
Blockchain experience

Any sort of help is welcome and appreciated!


Contact myself or the dev Listent through PM or the join our social groups below if you are interested!




See you there!


Incredibly grateful for even the smallest BTC donation too, help us reach other exchanges and expand!

BTC Donation Address: 1ASAFE2CdnPeCWxFEmBtJ8bVDTKZj8M9jv


(P.S. Implementation of a whitepaper and roadmap will commence AFTER the completion of the MASTERNODE)

Thank you!

Description by bartullo